Technology Overview

spectro-burstSpectroClick seeks to allow every person on earth to measure the makeup of water, soil, and biological samples for themselves.  Is your water safe to drink?  Do you have an infection?  Is there enough phosphorus in the soil?  Use our instruments and reactant packets and find out!

SpectroClick puts spectroscopy  in the palm of your hand with the Answers At Hand™ AAH line of spectrometers.  Anyone with access to a USB port can use our patent-pending SpectroBurst™ technology, from a researcher testing drinking water in Africa to a high school student doing a science project in Alabama.  SpectroBurst™ uses a webcam to capture data, then our app allows you to process your spectrum quickly, comprehensively, and with more flexibility and portability than has ever been available before.  AAH spectrometers are the most affordable, accurate, and innovative spectroscopic instruments available.

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