AAH-300A Absorbance Spectrometer (downpayment)


The AAH-300A is a hand-held visible spectrometer operated over a USB link to a Windows-compatible PC.  It uses an 8-bit custom 5 megapixel camera to exploit the wide dynamic range and signal averaging capability of the many diffraction orders obtained with SpectroBurst™ technology.  Initial software is a pair of packages, one for defining analytical methods and the other for executing them.  Future versions will have more sophisticated, secure, and intuitive interfaces.  Purchase includes one year of free software upgrades.  Posted price is down payment only.  Total price $899.95 plus tax and shipping.

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Absorbance spectrometer 430 – 640 nm.

Supporting software (beta version).

Total price $899.95 plus shipping and tax; price shown is down payment amount only.

One year limited warranty.

Delivery 3/31/17 or 90 days ARO, whichever is later.

Balance of payment net 30 days after shipment to customer.