AAH-300A and AAH-300AR


AAH-300 in hand

Absorption, Diffuse Reflectance, and More in the Palm of Your Hand!


Ordering Available December 15, 2016!  Down payment 50%, or pay in full in advance.

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Techniques: AAH-300A: visible absorption.  AAH-300AR: visible absorption and visible diffuse reflectance.

Wavelength range: 430 nm to 650 nm.

Resolution: intensity dependent, typically 3 nm at high light levels, 20 nm at low light levels.

Software: proprietary, supplied with instrument.  Ergonomic version under development; version operable by trained spectrometrist delivered with current instruments.  Software updates supplied as available at no charge during first year of ownership.

Operating system and other requirements: works ONLY with Intel/AMD Windows computers with USB 3.0 hardware and drivers.  Minimum screen size 1024 by 768 pixels.  Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 acceptable.


SpectroClick’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the AAH-300 series be used for kinetics measurements?
A: For reactions with half-lives of 10 s or greater, we believe the instrument will work. Such performance has not yet been demonstrated. Stay tuned!

Q: Can the AAH-300 series be configured to work autonomously for process control?
A: Soon!

Q: Can the AAH-300 series be configured to work autonomously in remote environments where temperature and humidity are variable?
A: Yes – it’s one of our primary missions to make our instruments work where the samples are rather than just in the lab.

Q: Will the instruments be student friendly?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What is the wavelength range?
A: 430 nm to 650 nm.

Q: What about fluorescence?
A: Soon!

Q: What happened to the AAH-200?
A: The AAH-300 does more and costs less.  The AAH-300A is similar to the AAH-200; the AAH-300AR adds reflectance capability.